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Month: April, 2013

Tau Sigma, and prepping for finals, and tricky tray, oh my!

I’m so damn proud of myself, it’s only been FOUR, count them FOUR days since my last blog…woohoo! That’s a record, I believe. So, a quick blurb about me: I am a mom, check. I am a wife, check. And, I am a student, check. As much as I love my many hats, there are a few  many days where I feel utterly defeated and useless. While I wear these hats proudly, I am damn tired. I am always on the run, always need to be somewhere at sometime doing something.

But there are rare moments when I am forced to stop and realize, how amazing my life is. I know everyone has problems, as we all have our daily stressors and even huge life changing events…we ALL have them. I whine about being tired and whine about not having enough time, and I whine about being either a shitty mom, wife, or student. Well…yesterday evening, I was reminded that while I juggle these crazy tasks, it is not all in vain. A few months ago, I was invited to join Tau Sigma for SAS at Rutgers. I didn’t think much of it, of course when I Googled it, there’s a bunch of random information and some even saying it’s a scam (eek!). But I joined anyway, I figured at this point, I can use anything I can to help improve my CV. Then last night, I went to the induction. It was actually, quite fun. I was allowed to bring two guests, of course, I brought my two rocks…J & M. M, as usual was the youngest attendee at any of these Rutgers functions. She dressed up, and sat like a lady. I was so proud of my baby, as she was proud of me for being an inductee. I didn’t know how to explain Tau Sigma to M, being 7 years old, honor societies are as confusing as the Greek letters they display. So my short and sweet explanation? “They’re giving mommy an award certificate for being so damn awesome in school.” Short and sweet, right? She got it, and was mega proud, and was happily eating her plate of cheese and fruit. But it was this event that made me realize, I can do this. If I just stop fucking around and get my priorities straight, I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed, perhaps…and I can focus more and it wouldn’t be so hard. I complain it’s hard because I am just spread thin, but last night, the ceremony made me see, if I could walk away on my first transfer semester with a 3.75 GPA with all the craziness I had going on, I can continue to strive for better IF I get my shit together. Sigh…easier said than done, but I will continue to try. So, last night was nice, it was a nice “stop and smell the roses” sort of moment. Then, we invited my parents out to dinner with us, which is always a nice bonus (no cooking!).

I have about another week of classes and I’ll be done with this semester. This was a rough one, I don’t know if it’s the heavy load of psych classes or the nicer weather making me antsy but I am jones’ing to be done. I have finals in two weeks so wish me luck. I’m not a good test taker, so my anxiety level will be through the roof…yay.

Jay has been helping me with the Tricky Tray program for M’s school. He’s been awesome, it’s not easy and he just took it over like a champ! Even picked up all 400 printed programs for me…all I had to do was deliver it this morning to her school (which nearly strained my muscle! FOUR HUNDRED 30 sheet programs are not light) – but M did help me carry a few along the way. My baby and her helpful ways. But Tricky Tray is tonight and I’ve never attended one. I volunteered last year to help for an hour and then I left afterwards. This year, I’m going to do my hour of selling raffle tickets and actually staying to enjoy the fun. So, I’m excited! I hope I get to win a goody, we received some GREAT prize donations this year and I can’t wait to see who wins what! How fun!!!

I’m off…again…have to get some errands done before picking up M from Odyssey Club, dropping her off at my parents then getting ready for Tricky Tray tonight!

Peace, love, and happiness to you!


Seriously, why can’t I blog?!

Oh that’s right, I’m exhausted, that’s why. Excuses aside, it’s been a nutty few weeks. A quick rundown. As you know from my previous post, we had some not so great news. We did the only few things we could do, we prayed, we coped, and we tried to plan ahead. Easter Vigil was tough for me, as beautiful as it was, I just couldn’t think of anything else but my dad and his diagnosis. On that following Tuesday, my dad was called for an MRI to get a better look at the tumor, is it INSIDE the blood vessel or right outside, and what exactly were those spots near where the Radio-frequency was done in the liver.

On that Tuesday, I picked up Madison and went up to my sister’s house to hang out with her for a while. She, at the time, was 8.5 months preggo. Then, Jay called me and said he has great news. The doctor’s NP called after the MRI and they all apologized profusely, the MRI showed that the tumor from the CT Scan that started this roller coaster ride was not actually a tumor…but a small clot! FURTHER, the spots by the RFA (Radio Frequency Ablation) in the liver were just burn scabs! O…M…G!!!! I was in tears, I could not believe it. AND, so because there really is no tumor in the blood vessel, he is still on the transplant list…as he was never removed yet. It felt like a dream. I was beyond elated. The special medicine they ordered that the docs wanted him to take were cancelled, it was as if time rewound and was back to Nov/Dec when after his last treatment, the docs gave him the all clear.

So overall, it was a HUGE GINORMOUS emotional roller coaster. I can’t call myself a holy roller, but how can one not believe the power of prayers. We are so grateful. I know, it is inevitable that we will lose our parents, but I’m just not ready…not now.

On April 11th, I celebrated my 30th 33rd 35th ugh, 3x birthday…I feel old…but I’m supposed to be at my prime, no? I mean, seriously…BUT I will try to make this a positive year! A year of positive thinking, a year of better health,  a year of better academics, a year of more family time, and a year of more blogging (lol)!!!

Then on April 14th, we welcomed our little sweet niece! K’s water broke on the 13th, on Saturday afternoon…went to the hospital and by Sunday afternoon, they gave her a c-section! I was in my RA training on Sunday morning from 8am-5pm, but I was texting Jay back and forth to get the scoop. But when I was wrapping up around 4:45, he told me they gave her a c-section! So we welcome the beautiful Baby K! 8lbs 10oz/20in, a big baby!!! M was 8lbs 7oz/19in!

Help us welcome our beautiful baby niece, Baby K!

Help us welcome our beautiful baby niece, Baby K!

Sigh, what else…I met with my girls for my book club last Monday. I love this group, it’s small – there is a whopping THREE members including myself, heehee. Well, it was a bookclub, but now that I took it off because I didn’t want to pay for it anymore, a couple of the girls still meet with me. Yay! We read Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard, and I gotta say – it was pretty awesome! I LOVE the heroine in this book, she doesn’t have that damsel in distress factor, she was fierce AND funny…and she was honest enough with her feelings that she did find her jerky neighbor HOT as Hell. And the hero of course, was a perfect fit for her! We were in agreement that this was a great read! Hey, don’t laugh at my impromptu book club, it may be small but we have fun! We meet once a month, and do one or two books but as avid readers, we read a lot of side books, but we only discuss (or at least we TRY to stay on topic!) the books we planned for the club.

We try to do something fun on weekends with M, since during the week between our school schedules, Tae Kwon Do, and various other stuff we have to do, we TRY so hard to at least leave weekends for fun, fun, fun! On Friday evening, we dropped M off at my parents house and went over to Mirtha & Manny’s…we usually do a pizza/movie night once or twice a month. So far, it is 5-0…Five movies, 0 great flicks…all duds. Can you believe it? Well, this Friday we saw Lincoln. Jay & Mirtha fell asleep! Ugh, Manny & I were the only ones that thought it was pretty good. I didn’t think it was GREAT, but not bad.

Yesterday, we took M and her pal to Six Flags. The girls had a blast! The weather was great, sunny & beautiful! And the crowds weren’t too bad. They got to go on rides without waiting more than 10 mins! It was awesome.

Well, I must be off…I need to get some Zs…allergies are killing me. I feel sluggish and exhausted…I can’t even enjoy the beautiful weather! And poor M, she’s suffering from allergies, too…my poor baby.

Have a great week and I promise to blog more…you know, for my legion and legions of readers out there, heehee.