A whopping two entries for the entire year, woohoo!

I really suck at blogging, right?  Well, I try.  I’ve blogged some on my group blog, whom I adore – but I had to step away from the Subclub for a while.  Those girls are rocking the house and I’m so uber proud of them.  I had too much personal stuff going on,  I didn’t feel like it was fair to them for me to stay in and let everyone else carry my weight.  But I love my girls, if you love to read romance novels (no, not just smut – although, we love our smut) and want to connect with authors, stop by and say hi to them.  They’re a bunch of great gals there!

Allow me to sum up 2012.  In January, as you know – we went on the Disney Cruise for our vacation.  We didn’t really vacation anywhere else this year, ooh we did do a short trip (weekend thing) up to Niagara Falls with the M family.  We had a blast, beautiful drive up, breathtaking falls (we went to Canada side), gouging food prices, and stopped at an aquarium in NY on the way home.  Short and sweet.  We went to AC a few times, I love me some AC…although I don’t gamble, I just love the hotels and the food…good times. J took his mom, his aunt, and M to see Frankie Valli at Borgata, our friend got them AMAZING seats (2nd row!) and Frankie Vallie gave M his new CD since she was the only kid in there within reach, she had a great time.  How funny though, her first concert and it’s not Justin Beiber or a trendy boy band, it’s Frankie Valli.  And our friend got us a suite so we stayed overnight…they went to the concert while I basked in some quiet time.  LOVED it.

My sister is preggo, yay! I’m going to be an aunt!  M is THRILLED because finally she gets a cousin who is a…GIRL.  All five cousins on J’s side are boys, so she is beyond excited.

I finally graduated from MCC in May, with high honors, yay me!  I wasn’t going to walk, but J made me do it…and I’m glad I did.  M, my mom, and J were so excited…and then I realized, it is pretty awesome to graduate with high honors while wearing the hat of a wife and mom.  It was pretty neat.

M graduated kindergarten, my baby is growing up so fast.  It was a nice short ceremony.  I started my first semester at RU, it was rough at first, my nerves were shot.  It’s a behemoth of a school in comparison but this semester, luckily – I had all amazing professors.  I can only pray and hope my next semester goes as smoothly.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been reading…A LOT.  Well, some people seem to frown upon my choice of reading, but meh – I love what I read and it makes me damn happy.  Hence, joining Subclub.  I didn’t get a chance to read as much during the semester and I was ITCHING, just itching to read something other than textbooks!  But now I’m on break, so I’m smothering myself with books of lovey-dovey as J would call it.

What else.  In the summer, my dad was diagnosed with liver tumors.  We were devastated.  Lost.  Scared. And just plain numb.  But he’s a trooper, he endured it – went along with all the chemo treatments and with good spirits.  They found three in his liver, so they could not just cut them out.  We met with the transplant team, he is on their list but it can take years.  But in the meantime, he went through TACE treatments, the chemo meds were shot directly into a caterther into his liver.  Usually, they enter through the groin area.  Each time was an overnight stay and J, my rock, decided to stay with him overnight each time in the hossy.  Because his hossy is out of state, he didn’t want my dad to panic if he wakes up in the middle of the night and not know what’s going on…so he stayed with him each time and went straight to work the next morning.  Bless that man, I love him to pieces.  Anyhow, he had 3 tumors.  Each TACE, it took care of one.  Finally, this last one a couple of weeks ago, he had TACE on one Monday, and the following day, he had radiation.  Because it was his last tumor, they wanted to double bang it.  And today, we got the news from the hospital that it was very successful and he is now cancer free.  Words cannot express how I feel.  I’m overwhelmed with joy, I know not many people now a days are religious, and we cannot call ourselves holy rollers, but we prayed and thanked God every day, our family and friends prayed and sent kind words.  It was heartfelt, and powerful.  And today, we are even more grateful for those prayers.

I was a complete mess from July until now.  I’m scattered and just spread too thin…but now I feel better.  A small weight has been lifted, but the pesimist in me is still cautious.  Although he is cancer free now, chances are it may come back until he gets his transplant, but for how we are humbled, thankful, and grateful.

I don’t want to delve too much into it, I’d sit here and cry my eyes out.  Just know, all is well thus far.  We have been staying positive, his positive attitude is contagious, and we are grateful for that.  I am happy to say, I have some amazing and genuine friends and family – I’m truly blessed to be in their company.  I will post more soon – hopefully I will be more dedicated in posting.

Peace, love, and happiness to you.