Let’s get-a-packin’!

by MeUandMaddy

For the past few weeks, J & I have been doing a lot of hem haw on our vacation.  We just could not decide.  For a long time, we had planned on going to Rome for Easter Break 2012.  Then we, of course, threw in the mix – the usual Disney Cruise.  We have been on 6 Disney Cruises and we just cannot get enough.  Each time is a different experience.  But at some point, you have to say – ok, ENOUGH with the mouse.  But then, when M starts to bring up how much fun she has on Mickey’s boat…then you lose all will power to tell your baby, no – we’re going to Rome instead.  SIGH…well…I guess I’ll see Vatican City and the Colosseum one day…

So J & I did some quick thinking, and now…in 8 days, we will be setting sail with Mickey again.  But we will be sailing on the new boat – the Disney Dream.  Yay!  And the fun part is, we are going to surprise M!  She thinks we are going with J on a business trip, then once we land in Orlando, we will surprise her.  We would love to surprise her once we get to Port – pulling up and seeing the Dream, but we opted for their transport, so she will definitely know once she sees the Disney Cruise busses.

This is the shortest time I have to plan.  Usually, we have a year!  Not a flipping week to plan.  But I am excited now and more excited that we are surprising M.  She has been asking about the new boat and wanting to go…a mini Disney fan in the making.  THEN, we are going to surprise her AGAIN – after the cruise, when she thinks we’re going home – we are actually gonna spend a couple of days in Disney.  Full of surprises!

Wish us luck – hopefully – everything will go smoothly and we’ll have fun.  When we come home, it’ll be Chinese New Years, so it’ll be a fast moving few weeks!

Ok – everyone is snoring away and I am catch up on my Twilight Zones from the New Years Eve marathon.