NOW, you may begin the festivities of Christmas!

I tell this to anyone and everyone who will listen.  Before Halloween I went into Target to get something and I was blown away by the Christmas decorations and Christmas paraphernalia’s already on display!  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE, absolutely LOVE, Christmas – it is my favorite holiday.  But mid October?!  Ugh, by the time December rolls around, the commercialism is so jammed down my throat that it literally sucks the joy out of Christmas.

But, today is December 5th, this past Saturday, we put up our Christmas tree, decorated our humble abode, and listened to Christmas music.  And so, I feel better.  All is right now.  As a bonus, we got some gift shopping done! YAY!

"I'm trying not to freak out!"

Yesterday, we went to check out the Christmas displays at Longwood Gardens.  Now, I love this place for it’s simplicity and beautiful displays.  HOWEVER…Yesterday was a whole new can of aggravation.  Oy – it was jam packed.  Maybe because it’s the first weekend in December and it was fairly nice weather outside.  We did get some nice pictures…a couple…but overall, I wish we would have just stayed local and done something else.

There's a heart shaped into the tree! Awwwww....

Whateves.  I refuse to let my negative nancy pull me down – I love Christmas time and today is a new day.  I just finished a paper (wootwoot!) while M is in school, I had time to apparently blog, and through the miracle of positive I don’t give a hoot thinking, I will enjoy this new day.

Hope you enjoy as well!