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Month: September, 2010

Not that bad!

So we finally made it to the doctor’s office – I really miss having my TomTom, it sucks to actually look at the physical address of the buildings while driving! UGH.  Anyhoo, we went to see Dr. B for the first time…he came highly recommended by Kathy and he was awesome.

M would not agree though, at first she would not stop yapping with him, but when she saw the needle (he tried to hide it) and she SCREAMED!  I could have to, even though Dr. B let her sit on my lap to get the shot, she got one in the arm, one in the forearm (for the TB test) and one on her thigh.  My poor baby!!!  No matter how many prep talks we had, there was not preparing for THREE shots.

But afterwards, she was fine…got two lollipops and was a happy camper again.  In the car ride she even laughed hysterically about pee’ing on my hand.  SIGH…yes, Dr. B needed to test her pee, so she tried and of course, in the process of holding the cup and not seeing so well, she f’ing peed on my hand!

But I’m glad that’s over with – I don’t know how to break it to her that she’ll need a blood test soon at the lab…eeek!


One more thing!

J, M & I signed up for “Light the Night” walk…it’s for a great cause.  We are looking forward to it on October 2nd.  We are SEVEN DOLLARS from our goal!

We’ll be posting pics soon!

Time for school!

We are in preparation for M to start pre-k…AGAIN.  Well, it worked out well, but when I tell people why she’s repeating, everyone gives me the “oh, no – I’m so sorry!” face.  But the dealio is that, she missed the school cut-off date by ONE day, in our county.  With “no exceptions” posted everywhere on the school sites, I’d rather not stir the pot.  And plus, I am totally ok with her staying in pre-k one more year.

She was in Montessori school since she was almost 3, but this year I pulled her out and put her in Catholic school.  Hopefully, the different school and curriculum will make it feel not as repetitive for her.  I hope.  According to her, she is going to “pre-Catholic school”, lol – I guess lost in translation – she got Pre-school mixed in with Catholic school.  ;o)

Tomorrow, she will be going in for her annual check up at a new pedi – wish us luck!  She MIGHT have to get vaccines or even a blood test…eeek!  We’ll see…I’ll be sure to post our drama tomorrow!

Good night!!!