Herrow, everyone!

So this is my official first post, to this blog at least…

Tomorrow, M starts her first day at Camp Discovery, how exciting!  We’ll see how that goes, for now I’m wondering what will I do during those amazing three hours that she will be in camp!  How do I handle such a precious gift?!

On a side note, J tore up our bathroom floor this weekend, tiled a new floor and put in a new potty.  I’m excited about the new look but of course, hate the interim.  But looks good so far, now we’ll have to paint and change the tiles for the bath wall.  Woo hoo for progress, and woo hoo for J’s hard work!

Another thing I wanted to talk about was a special project a friend of mine and I are working on.  It’s still incubating, so it’ll probably be a while before we have anything to show for, but just keep us in your thoughts that things will work well.

I am fairly close to the end of summer semester, one book/assignment and one critical paper away to be exact.  ALMOST.  Then it’s back to square one in September…hoorah.

I’m not going to promise to write every day, because it will be a straight out lie…but I will promise to write as often as I can – even if it’s about nothing at all…like today’s entry!